Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance
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Other Covers

When purchasing your professional indemnity insurance policy and cover, you do also need to consider other important insurances:

You can purchase these covers separately except when there is a need for Employers Liability when both Public & Employers Liabilities must be purchased together. There are some exceptions but it is very unusual when Employers Liability can be purchased stand alone.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and Officers may be held personally liable to all parties that have any interest in the affairs of the Company. In essence, a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is a form of Professional Indemnity cover for Company Directors and Officers.

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Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect you from claims made by a third party or client, where they have said you have caused them bodily injury and/or property damage.

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Employers Liability

Most Employers are required by law to insure against the possibilities of their employees getting insured, or catching a disease when working on behalf of their employer. An Employer is responsible and has to make sure that their employees work in an environment that considers their health and safety while working for them.

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Office Packages Insurance

If you run a professional business from an office, much of your time maybe spent away from it, visiting clients, suppliers and business contacts. You will want to make sure that your business is properly protected but with little time to spare you often don’t have the time to search for the right insurance cover.

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Event Insurance

Event Insurance can protect your revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to, severe storms, snow, labour strikes, non-appearance of key people, and unavailability of the venue due to fires, floods, or power outages.

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Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance coverage protects companies for copyright, trademark or patent infringement claims arising out of the company's operation. It pays the defence costs and any judgement up to the policy limits.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance

Mergers and acquisitions deals are successful when both buyers and sellers or companies merging, come out of the finance negotiations having taken into account the price paid, value to shareholders, benefits and potential risks.

Increased shareholder litigation is a growing fact of life for UK companies, particularly those with USA exposures. With this increase in litigation comes a growing awareness of the responsibilities incumbent on directors and officers of companies.

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Flotations - AIMS, Ofex, IPOs

Directors and officers insurance cover may be low down on the "to-do" list when you are considering a flotation or initial public offering (IPO), what with long-form, short-form reporting from the accountants and a final draft of your prospectus, UK listing authorities, meetings with the London Stock Exchange to discuss listing and admission to trade etc etc; however, consideration to various forms of insurance for the company and its directors should not be overlooked and full consideration should be allocated time both to protect its current and/or new directors.

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Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance (sometimes called medical indemnnity insurance) is essential for any individual medical professional or medical establishment providing medical or healthcare services. In today's competitive, fast moving environment the potential for errors in the performance of services - alleged or actual - is all too real. Dissatisfied patients increasingly sue when things go wrong and the financial ramifications can be severe.

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